drowning in a sea of sticky notes?

You’ve got a million things to do every day so you jot them down like everyone tells you to.

Maybe you even make a nice to-do list.

❑ fold laundry
❑ make post-Quarantine dentist appointments for the kids
❑ finally create a homeschooling schedule
❑ make dinner (again!)

the list goes on… You’re killing it, right?

But then your daughter needs her worksheets printed for her Zoom call. And the dog throws up. All while you’ve got a sinkful of dishes.

Now you want to scream. And nothing got done.

You need a change!

Wouldn’t it be nice if you weren’t overwhelmed all the time?

Imagine your home running like a well-oiled machine.

Getting things done.

Enjoying the simple things like a cup of coffee (that’s actually hot).

You need a better system…

organize your life


An e-course for moms who are sick of being overwhelmed and finally want to get control of everything.

Home Management

Meal Planning

Family Schedule


Cleaning Routines

Event Planning

Keep track of everything from the big picture to the small details

Health & Wellness

Ideas & Reminders

School & Sports

Organize Anything

What’s inside?

  • 15+ sample Trello boards to swipe so you can get a jump start
  • Video tech tutorials of the basics and more
  • Advanced techniques and how to apply them to mom-life
  • What power-ups are and the best ones to use
  • Our favorite Chrome extensions that will boost your productivity
  • Ultimate Trello Board list – 101 ideas!

SNIPPETS From Our Students

“If not for the tutorials and sample boards, I would not have realized the full potential that Trello has in keeping my household running smoothly.”

Sue A.

“I already used Trello in a very basic form, so I joined the course to learn some additional tips and tricks with Trello and to get board templates. Lots of good board ideas I wouldn’t have thought of previously! This course took the overwhelm out of learning another new digital tool.”

Melissa Snow

Blogger, The Vibrant Mama

“I would definitely recommend this course because although you could learn how to use Trello on your own, I think it would have taken me much longer and I wouldn’t have learned a lot of the little tricks that make it more functional like Zapier and Butler.

Stephanie M.

“Your course has helped me SO MUCH in understanding what the possibilities are and your sample boards are invaluable. I would definitely recommend you to anyone who’ll listen.”

Lisa M.


  • the MOMS who have tried every planner on the on the freakin’ planet
  • the WOMEN that are tired of stuff continually slipping through the cracks
  • the MOMS staying up late figuring out Google Classroom or washing 17 loads of probably-not-dirty-laundry
  • the WOMEN who want to successfully juggle life + work at home right now
  • the MOMS who want to finally get a handle on the paper clutter


The sooner you get started the sooner you feel like your life is in order! 




We know you’re struggling to get this distance learning thing organized and under control! This board will help you organize all the links, Zoom calls, Google Classroom passwords, and worksheets. There’s also lots of free resources for every age student in there!



Get a free seat to join Cara for her Quarterly Planning Masterclass for Q3! Set your goals for the quarter together, as a class. It’s 90 minutes full of actionable tips and help from Cara!



Get all 3 already-done-for-you meal plans that wil take you through the entire quarter! The meal plans include kid-friendly, wholesome dinners complete with recipe links and grocery lists. The plans include Picky Eaters, Chicken & Veggie, and Easy Summer!


I was so excited to join the Organize Your Life With Trello ecourse! I have been using Trello for my task list for a while but knew there was so much more the program has to offer. I was hoping to learn the best way to incorporate Trello with my home management system. Not only does this course give you the nuts and bolts on how to actually use Trello, the course also offers several sample boards that you can use as is or really make your own. My biggest takeaway from this course is that Trello is very powerful and can replace so many of your other digital tools for tasks and document storage. This is a great course for the absolute beginner as well as those that have used Trello in the past. I highly recommend this course if you are looking for a complete guide on the best way to use Trello for managing your home and life!

Tara Dubiel

Blogger, I Dream of Simple

As a wife, homeschool mommy, Educational Consultant, blogger, and founder of a new non-profit organization, I joined the course to get a handle on the many things that I juggle from day to day. Trello has been absolutely amazing!! I have managed to get each of my areas organized and running smoothly. I feel less stressed knowing that I have a system where I can put everything. I wonder if I will miss my many notebooks and journals. I highly recommend this course to ANYONE who is looking for a seamless way to organized their life. If this Chaos Coordinator can get organized after this course, anyone can!

Christel Brewer

Blogger, Perfectly Blended and Blessed

I joined the course because I was a hot mess and I needed to get some systems in place to be better organized. Paper planners and bullet journals were piling up but weren’t used. This course has shown me ways to keep my home, personal goals, projects, business (and so much more!) organized and easily accessible. I finally have an easy way to make my family meal plan that is organized & customizable. There is so much I could say about how this course has helped me. I would certainly recommend this course to anyone who wants a more streamlined way of organizing (paperless) and having everything right on your smartphone. This course has changed my life and I know it can change many others! Thanks Cara & Elisa! You gals ROCK!

Susan Rodriguez

As a brand-new mom, I started to realize that the relaxed “systems” I’d previously used to run my life, home, and business just weren’t going to cut it anymore. But – as a brand-new mom – I also didn’t have time to create new ones! Enter: Organize Your Life With Trello. This course introduced me to a new planning tool in bite-sized lessons that I could watch while breastfeeding at 3am. Plus, I got a bunch of templates so I didn’t have to start from scratch! I would highly recommend this course to anyone who enjoys planning and organizing (or at least, being planned and organized), but doesn’t have hours to do so.

Amy Fink

Not just tech tutorials

Giving you just the tools you need, with nothing else, would be a disservice. You’ll also learn how to…


Prioritize the right way


Master your Calendar


Shift your mindset


Steal our board templates


I needed to organize my life and wanted to be able to complete household tasks efficiently and intentionally. I recommend this course for anyone with a life. I would HIGHLY recommend this course to everyone I know. The sample boards were life changing for me – I loved that part!

Nicole Smith

I was worried that since I’m not a mom this course might not address my needs, but I was worried for nothing! The course was fantastic!

Melissa Jarrett

I love the meal planning and pantry organization charts! They are incredibly helpful. I can finally find ingredients in my pantry, and shopping is more cost effective!

Maria Peter

I joined the course after trying loads of systems and not sticking with them because they lacked capacity. My biggest takeaway is that this system can be customized to fit everything from meal planning to birthday party planning. I would recommend this course because it teaches in easygoing, bitesize steps how to use this system and customize it, with real life examples. I love how easily I can go back to look up something again and how supportive you are when I have questions.

Katrien Mens

Just downloading Trello and looking at it, I had no clue how it was going to actually work for me. Taking this course and watching the videos has shown me how Trello is helpful to me and the endless possibilities.

Elizabeth Severt

I was trying to get a meal plan and some kind of routine down when I back to work full time after being a SAHM for many years. After trying many paper planners I thought “well I might as well try this”. I love how many things I have been able to finally get together and know where I put it! These ladies have been a wonderful help! The Facebook group is also wonderful. “


I joined this course because I’m a busy single mom and I wanted to better organize my life so I’m not so stressed all the time. Ultimately I wanted to spend more time with my son and doing the things we want to do instead of what we have to do. I loved how simple it was to learn and it was super quick to integrate into my daily life. I would recommend this course to anyone who needs a quick reboot on their organization or even a completely fresh start.

Kelley Piper

Let’s Start Something new

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