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A 3-part video series that will give you the jump start you need to finally get organized!

Video 3 of 3!

Today’s video and lesson is ALL about how to use Trello to create a weekly planner. We’ve both ditched out paper planners for this weekly system with Trello and trust us when we say, we’ve been more productive, more focused, and less stressed since doing that!

 The magic of Trello is that you can make all types of boards for each of the areas in your life and then, bring them all together in one board without having to rewrite things over and over again.

 This ‘my week’ planning system will help you take everything you want to do, all that you have to do, and all that you dream of doing and put it in a place so that you ACTUALLY GET IT DONE.

Check out the video then copy the board so you can keep it, and ask any questions in the comments below!

HOW TO COPY THE BOARD FOR YOURSELF: Once you have a Trello account (if you don’t have one, click the button and it will prompt you to create one), open the board. Then click Show Menu > More > Copy Board. Add a title, make sure the “keep cards” is checked, and voilá! You now have the board in your own Trello.

video 1

video 2

video 3

What’s a takeaway you’ve had from this board? Post it (and any questions!) below!