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A 3-part video series that will give you the jump start you need to finally get organized!

Video 2 of 3!

In video #1 we showed you all about how Trello can help make Back to School less stressful. Trello will be a moms BFF when it comes to remembering dates, all of the paperwork and to-dos, and starting to get activities under control.

 Our hope is that by the end of our time together, you’ve fallen in love with this digital system and have realized that you don’t have to feel overwhelmed all the time! You truly can have a system that just makes things more simple, helps you forget less, and gives you a million #momwins!

 We’re both moms and get that in our busy lives it can be hard to even find the time to learn a new system, let alone implement one! But trust us when we say, just by checking out these videos and starting to picture life with Trello, you really can start to make changes! Trello has helped us both really feel more in control and less stressed, and we know it can do the same for you!

 Yesterday we talked all about back to school and today… get ready for it… we’re gonna talk about meal planning!

 Okay, so you either groaned slightly or got super excited when we mentioned meal planning but, just bare with us because we’re gonna rock your world! Using Trello for meal planning is a GAME CHANGER!

 Not only does it help you take your shopping lists (and pantry!) on the go, but it helps you keep a record of what your family likes, what you just ate, and what you need to make! Make sure you watch the video and click below to copy the board we’ve made for you!

HOW TO COPY THE BOARD FOR YOURSELF: Once you have a Trello account (if you don’t have one, click the button and it will prompt you to create one), open the board. Then click Show Menu > More > Copy Board. Add a title, make sure the “keep cards” is checked, and voilá! You now have the board in your own Trello.

video 1

video 2

video 3

What’s a takeaway you’ve had from this board? Post it (and any questions!) below!